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2007. január 19., péntek

Apple Announces iPhone

erre mar varok egy ideje, de asszem meg el kel teljen kis ido h aron alul hasznaltan megvehessem, megvehessem.. ááá...

Apple today officially unveiled its iPhone and as many had been hoping for, is quite a revolutionary product indeed. Steve Jobs herald in the iPhone as an industry changing device, throwing out old assumptions and conventions and bringing in the new. With all of its features and design cues, the iPhone should prove to be an extremely hot device.

The largest feature on the plate for the iPhone is clearly its display. The iPhone packs a 3.5-inch display with a resolution density of 160 dpi, one of the sharpest screens in the industry. In fact, the screen takes up virtually the entire surface area of the iPhone. There's no keyboard or direction stick on the iPhone, just a big screen. The iPhone operates entirely on touch-screen technology and is something that Apple had been working on for a long time.

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